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Here at Shawnee Mission North we have one chemistry room with six
computers that students can use, and one chemistry room that we have to
bring in a mobile cart for students to use computers.


I incorporate the Vernier temperature probe into chem. I.  Even though
one room has computers, I have the students use their TI-8x calculator
to connect with the CBL, because the math department uses TI-8x
calculator extensively.  I have Chem. I students do about three
experiments with the temperature probes so that they have some
familiarity with the equipment.


In Chemistry II (AP) the students do about half a dozen experiments with
the colorimeter and other probes.  One is the pseudo-first order
decomposition of crystal violet, and another they find the Energy of
activation of a light stick by measuring the light given off while it
cools down.


Logger Pro is much easier to use than the TI- calculators, but I want
students to have some appreciation of what they have at their finger
tips.  They have to load Datamate onto their calculators and sometimes I
think the only thing they know how to do on a calculator is play games.


Martin Bartholow



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I'm curious about the technology that each of you has available to use
while teaching your chemistry curriculum.  For example, do you have
computers in your room for collection and graphing of data?  Do you use
TI calculators and probes?  Do you use the SMART board technology?
Thanks for sharing-


Trina Adams



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