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At Hayden in Topeka, I have 5 computers in the chemistry lab that have LabPro's 
(very old computers, they aren't even networked or connected to the internet.  
Just for use with Vernier equipment only--I use them in chemistry, AP 
Chemistry, and physics...but since I only have 5, I have to "rotate" groups 
through them and it takes a while).  That's a recent addition that was prompted 
by my saying that I'd used them previously and would really like to have them 
again (when I came here).  We wrote a Title 1 Grant for them and got them with 
those funds.  In my room, I have 1 computer (mine).  We can go to the library 
where there's 1 computer for every 2 students, but it's often "booked" and 
there are no other computer labs open (the two in the basement have a class in 
them every hour and cannot be signed up for by other students).  That's it, 
At Blue Valley West (4 years ago), I had 1 science "computer lab" (1 for every 
2 students) and 3 computers in my room (1 plus 2 more) and there were also 
other computer labs in the school that we could sign up for where each student 
could have their own computer (for research, writing, making concept maps, 
etc.)  We had several smart boards we could check out, scan-it boxes on all the 
TV's (to show what's on your computer through the TV).  I was only there for 
one year and it was the first year the school was open, so we were all trying 
to get everything up off the ground...unfortunately, I didn't have much time to 
take advantage of all this technology...I so wish I had it back now! :)

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I'm curious about the technology that each of you has available to use while 
teaching your chemistry curriculum.  For example, do you have computers in your 
room for collection and graphing of data?  Do you use TI calculators and 
probes?  Do you use the SMART board technology?  Thanks for sharing-


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