stand by and Jaws

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hibernate is mostly been use for laptop, this is to safe battery. standby just 
to turn some devices into standby mode and it is not 
shuts down the computer. hibernate will keep all your current task in the 
memory and turn off the laptop, when you return, you will 
be bring back to where you stop previously.

hope this helps.

Warmest Regards,
Allan Wong
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between standby and hibernate, which one offers more advantages?
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  I wish to use stand by instead of turning off my system and therefore, it's 
important to find a solution to that problem that Jaws 
is running as demo after I'm coming back from stand by position.
  I do know that when I restart my PC, all is right and Jaws is working 
properly, not as demo.

  Any other help please.


  Moti Azrad
  Musician & Piano-Tuner
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    Try restarting your system. I have had that happen to me several times, and 
usually when I restart my Pc, that resolves the 
issue and I return from stand by or hibernate modes, Jaws comes back as a full 
version . I have done this on both of my systems; 
laptop is running Windows XP Pro with SP2 and Jaws 8.0.2107, desktop is running 
Windows XP Home with SP2 and Jaws 8.0.2107, and, 
both systems have latest updates installed.
    Hope this helps,

    Check out my blog!
    The URL is

    "You learn something new every day!"
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    Subject: stand by and Jaws

    Hi friends,

    I've read an interesting article about using stand by and that it's very 
healthy for the PC, may save much time and energy too.
    So today I tried it.
    When I come back from stand by position, Jaws is coming but only as demo 
    Can someone tell me what to do to solve that problem?

    I'm using win XP professional, SP2 with all the latest updates and Jaws 

    Thanks much


    Moti Azrad
    Musician & Piano-Tuner

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