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It cane as a normal post on this list! Why does everyone think it came to 
them personally and that this is a big problem?
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From: "Ömer Yesiltas" <yesiltas1981@xxxxxxxxx>
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i think he-she  is a member of the jaws group and he-she sent email to 
everybody on his-her list so this mail came to us.
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  From: Rissal
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  Sent: Thursday, September 04, 2008 3:15 AM
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  who is this please,
  I don't have u in my addressbook
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    From: Lynn Golightly
    To: Don Petty ; Don@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ; Ed Bryan ; Edwards, Paul ; 
Elaine Boykin ; Fred Mayer ; Gena Madison ; Glenda Farnum ; Helen ; J. 
Bridenstine ; J.Brantley ; Jaco, Linda ; Jane Nelson ; Janet Edwards ; Jason 
Boston ; Jay Doudna ; jbride66@xxxxxxxxx ; Jean Jones ; Jeanne Meyer ; JEFF 
SCHWARZMEIER ; Jennifer Jackson ; jericooper@xxxxxxxxxxxxx ; 
jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx ; jlake@xxxxxxx ; JMSWAIM@xxxxxxx ; Jody Harlan ; Joe 
Fallin ; Joy Relton ; Judith M. Dixon ; "Judy Cowart 
<rixSubject:New" ; E-Mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Sent: Thursday, September 04, 2008 9:10 AM


    Please send all e-mail to Vicky Lynn Golightly to


    The vgolight@xxxxxxxxxxxxx will only work for a couple of days.



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