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MessageAs one lister put it earlier, we simply use the product.  We shouldn' be 
burdened with all the extra numbers.  Most of us use the computer and software 
for reasons other than keeping track of FS's accomplishments.  Judith
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  This numbering system is truly not that difficult to understand. As others 
have said, there are internal builds that happen and there needs to be a way to 
differentiate them from one another. 252 is just that, two hundred and 
fifty-two. 2152 is two thousand one hundred and fifty-two. It's a higher 
number, therefore it's a newer build version. It is not out of sequence. 
Sometimes I wonder if people are just finding little ways to nitpick simply 
because it's Freedom Scientific. Just my opinion.


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    Subject: freedom scientific weird numerical system

    Is it just me and all the people I have talked to. 
     numerically speaking jaws 9.00.522 should be the latest update NOT 

    This is not the way versions numbers should be labeled
    .2 comes before .5.

    Has anyone else thought this strange?


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