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Yes, Kim, and I think your credit card will continue to experience pain each 
time you need to purchase a Software Maintenance Agreement for your JAWS Pro, 
since it also costs more.  It actually doesn't cost any more to develop JAWS 
for the business user than for the home user, but they know they can get it, 
and  so they charge more for the license and then an additional amount for the 
privilege of using remote access via citrix or Remote Desktop.

Gary King

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  Hi Cy,

  Personally, I don't consider your statement "stick in the mud" like at all... 
I quite agree with you, actually, especially since I just received my credit 
card statement containing my new computer *and* my Jaws authorization to run XP 
Pro.  My credit card practically squealed.

  That being said, I know it has to cost a great deal to continuously develop / 
update Jaws, but nevertheless... yikes!


  From: Cy Selfridge 
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  Hello all,

  I am sorry to be such a stick in the mud but this idea of JAWS Home and JAWS 
Pro is absolutely asinine.

  FS already extracts sufficient funds from us to cover both.

  Cy, The Anasazi



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  Hi Laura,

  The question of running JAWS under "Home" or "Pro" depends on the JAWS 
license you have. If it is Standard license, you cannot use JAWS under Pro 
versions of Windows. If using Pro license, then you can use JAWS on any version 
of Windows after 2000. The supported OS based on JAWS licenses are:

  JAWS Standard: Windows XP Home, Windows Vista Home Basic, Home Premium, 
Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium.

  JAWS Professional: Windows 2000 Pro and server editions, Windows XP Home, 
Professional, Tablet PC*1, Media Center*2, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista 
Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Enterprise, Ultimate, Windows Server 2008, 
Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate.

  *1. A tablet PC is a special laptop that allows users to interact with the 
operating system with pen and touch screen input. A special XP version, called 
Windows XP Tablet PC Edition exists to deal with this type of laptops. This is 
essentially XP Pro base with tablet functionality, thus requiring JAWS Pro to 

  *2. Media Center Edition is another version of XP that is used with advanced 
media devices, such as TV tuner cards, advanced video recording and so forth. 
Just like Tablet PC Edition, it is essentially XP Pro with Media Center 
application, thus you need JAWS Pro.

  As for Windows 7, users confirmed compatibility with JAWS for Windows (at 
least version 10).




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  Hi listers,

       I am using Jaws for windows on my machine at home using XP home 
addition.  How much would it cost to upgrade so that it can run on XP pro?  Why 
can't jaws work on XP pro when having jaws for windows on my machine that has 
XP home?


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