Re: Vipre Antivirus with JAWS

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  • Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2010 07:20:51 -0700


Can't speak for Vipre, but if that's the only change you've made, then it's the 
first to suspect. Have you considered uninstalling it and then running your 
system and applications for a while to see if there is a significant 

I use MS-Essentials, and it appears to be non-intrusive over the year that it's 
been operating.

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  Hi. Has any other JAWS user installed the Vipre antivirus program? Ever since 
the latest update, released about two weeks ago, performance on my system has 
deteriorated. some programs take longer to open, I've had numerous crashes and 
JAWS is harder, if not impossible, to bring back without rebooting. 

  I have the latest release of JAWS 11 on an XP machine. My major memory hog is 
Outlook 2003. I've neither installed nor updated any other applications during 
this time.

  Any thoughts?

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