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Terra, here are some of the tutorials and resources for using windows 7 and
to help you transition to windows 7 

In particular, download the Microsoft prepared document
Accessibility-transitioning to windows 7 as a good starting point.



A good starting point on your computer is to press the windows key and type
in "getting Started and press enter.  you will get into the Windows 7 help
system.  Look around this web page interface. and enter on the link to get
you into the web site on line. 

here are resources that have helped me in the past 8 months:

1. M S windows training resource that is aimed at accessability and
transitioning to windows 7 and contains other links of help : 

On this page is the link to a word document of some 20 pages prepared by
microsoft   entitled "Accessibility-Transitioning to Windows 7".

2. Here are links to VIP training materials on using the windows explorer

and task bar.


3. blind cool tech web site has some audio/spoken tutorials that might be
helpful, so on this page simply do a search with the jaws search feature
using the search item "windows 7" and you can work your way through this
extensive list of audio tutorials on a variety of topics.  here is their web




4. blind geek zone web site has some audio tutorials and a windows  7 list
serve for the blind: some


5. I have about completed reading a book (11 CD) from a book written in the
UK by Dr. Sarah Morley Wilkins  entitled "Windows 7 and Vista Explained: A
Guide for Blind and Partially Sighted Users (WINDOWS7)"

    This is distributed in the USA by the National Braille Press.  This is a
good systematic tutorial for those who learn best this way.  As a former
trainer of jaws and Assistive technology, this fits my personality but it is
not for everyone.  the book is available in 5 formats including Braille.


Award-winning author Dr. Sarah Morley Wilkins has teamed up with Steve
Griffiths in this new step-by-step guide on Microsoft Windows 7 and Vista,
written specifically for blind users. The fifth book in the "Windows
Explained" series from the Royal National Institute for the Blind, this
tutorial starts with the basics and guides users through topics such as file
management, troubleshooting, and using the Internet. Written from a
non-visual perspective, this guide will also benefit adaptive technology
trainers and people supporting users with sight loss. By special arrangement
with RNIB, NBP is offering the full range of formats (with American braille)
to customers in the United States and Canada only. 



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Can anyone tell me where I can read more about using features in windows 7
like jump lists and libraries with JFW 11 or offer any tips? Thanks for any

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