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RDP [remote desktop]  allows you to work on a computer remotely but you do need 
to install jaws on the remote computer as well as on your desktop.
It is the only one I have used that works.

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I've used NetMeeting, Webex, and a couple other mainstream applications, and 
they are all inaccessible. The only parts that can be viewed are things like 
the list of people attending.

Freedom Scientific uses one for their training webinars that works well, but 
simply because the trainer pushes out the documents in text form -- we are not 
actually seeing his desktop graphics.

I don't know of any product that will not send a stream of graphics to the 
client computer from the host computer.


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I'm writing on behalf of a friend. I know this question has been addressed, but 
I didn't need to know for myself.

How do you obtain remote desktop access to a work computer on a home computer. 
The route my friend's company uses presents the remote access as an image that, 
of course, JAWS cannot read. Is there a way around this?

I asked my friend what program her company uses for remote access. All she 
could say was that a technician used an existing setting within her XP Pro 
computer to make the connection.

I hope I've given sufficient information for someone to provide answers.


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