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Hi Lina,

try this. Press Insert (Jaws key) plus num row 4. A list of such characters 
should come up. You can arrow down through it to explore what's there or, 
for a quick answer to your need of the moment, press the letter n and you'll 
have arrived at the lower case enya. Just hit Enter, and it will be inserted 
at your cursor position in the Word document.

Hope this helps. Just as an example, I'll type the Spanish word for autumn, 
below, with an n tilde (the enya character):

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Subject: Ms Word 2003 question

Hi, I have a question.

When I was working a very long time ago (grin) I used Wordperfect.  There
was a way to type two characters on top of each other.  I think it was
called "strikeover".  Does anyone know how to do this in MS Word?  I have
searched the help screens and find no answer.  I am of the opinion that the
help area in 2003 is worse instead of better than previous versions.  I need
to type an "n" with a tilda over it.  This trick can come in handy every
once in a while.  Thank you.  Linda

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