Re: Jaws not getting along with Vista on my Del Laptop

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  • Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2009 07:12:29 -0700

Hello Ann,

First, the sticking keys has been an issue with JAWS (they say it's the MS 
keyboard drivers) since version 3.5, where I came in. So far the only remedy 
(after realizing it) is to press the left and right shift alternately, then 
same for alt, then same for ctrl, even same for windows keys. Any and all can 
get programmatically "stuck" and the problem has never been fixed, and I've 
used several different computers and keyboards during all those years and JAWS 
versions. It's become a way of life, making those repetitive clicking sounds in 
my office cube, trying to un-stick the key.

Second, I had problems with Notepad not correctly reading or highlighting text 
when I first installed JAWS 10 (yes, 10, not 11). After that, and other very 
buggy events, I completely surgically removed JAWS 10 and did a clean install 
of JAWS 9, which I still contend is far and above JAWS 10.

I haven't even touched JAWS 11 yet, as I'm happy that my computer works so 
well. When I'm ready to spend time with configuring and learning, I may take 
the plunge and install JAWS 11, but not before imaging my computer so I can 
recover if I need to.

Dave "Call me skeptical" Carlson
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  Hi everyone, 

  I am new to the list so please forgive me if this topic has been covered 
prior to my joining.  According to someone I spoke to at Freedom Scientific, 
nobody else seems to be having the problem so perhaps not (smile).  

  I am currently using Jaws 11 Beta to see if it would improve the problem I am 
having but if anything, it is worse than 10.  Jaws works fine on my XP desktop 
computer, but on my Del laptop running Vista I have a terrible time while 
writing/editing email messages or other documents such as in Microsoft Works , 
Notepad, WordPad, etc.  Jaws will read lines twice when I am down arrowing, or 
it will repeat letters when I am arrowing across the line to see if something 
is spelled correctly.  I also have trouble selecting words to delete, etc., 
because it seems to be on one thing but is actually on another.  

  Also, in Windows Mail, it incorrectly reads messages when I am in the list 
view of any mailbox, causing me to sometimes delete messages I don't intend to. 
 I love Jaws, but this is most annoying and I am hoping someone has some 
suggestions for me.  My laptop has the numpad on the right-hand side of the 
keyboard so I am using the desktop layout since I can use the same keys as for 
a desktop.  

  One more thing...sometimes it appears that the control key or the shift key 
gets stuck, causing many things to happen that I don't want.  When I unload 
Jaws and load it back, the problem goes away.  I have used System Access To go 
when the annoyance becomes too great, and I don't have the problem at all with 
it, although I do like so many things about Jaws better that I would much 
rather use it.  

  My apologies for the length of this post, and I hope I have been clear about 
what's going on.  Believe me, if anyone else is experiencing...or has 
experienced this, they will definitely know what I'm talking about (smile).  
Any thoughts and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated...thanks in advance.  



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