Jaws not getting along with Vista on my Del Laptop

  • From: "Ann Larson" <RTFan@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2009 01:17:18 -0500

Hi everyone,

I am new to the list so please forgive me if this topic has been covered 
prior to my joining.  According to someone I spoke to at Freedom Scientific, 
nobody else seems to be having the problem so perhaps not (smile).

I am currently using Jaws 11 Beta to see if it would improve the problem I 
am having but if anything, it is worse than 10.  Jaws works fine on my XP 
desktop computer, but on my Del laptop running Vista I have a terrible time 
while writing/editing email messages or other documents such as in Microsoft 
Works , Notepad, WordPad, etc.  Jaws will read lines twice when I am down 
arrowing, or it will repeat letters when I am arrowing across the line to 
see if something is spelled correctly.  I also have trouble selecting words 
to delete, etc., because it seems to be on one thing but is actually on 

Also, in Windows Mail, it incorrectly reads messages when I am in the list 
view of any mailbox, causing me to sometimes delete messages I don't intend 
to.  I love Jaws, but this is most annoying and I am hoping someone has some 
suggestions for me.  My laptop has the numpad on the right-hand side of the 
keyboard so I am using the desktop layout since I can use the same keys as 
for a desktop.

One more thing...sometimes it appears that the control key or the shift key 
gets stuck, causing many things to happen that I don't want.  When I unload 
Jaws and load it back, the problem goes away.  I have used System Access To 
go when the annoyance becomes too great, and I don't have the problem at all 
with it, although I do like so many things about Jaws better that I would 
much rather use it.

My apologies for the length of this post, and I hope I have been clear about 
what's going on.  Believe me, if anyone else is experiencing...or has 
experienced this, they will definitely know what I'm talking about (smile). 
Any thoughts and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated...thanks in advance.



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