Re: JAWS and Braille displays

  • From: Bill <>
  • To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 03 Dec 2004 17:44:46 -0500

thats a giant question with many correct answers.

first ask your self what your going to be doing with your braille display.

A. a desk top or note book computer.
B. do you want it to be multi purpose like have ability to do notes?
some units i think also had hard ware synth in them.

secondly ask how much your rehab is willing to pay for one.

the second question will determine if your buying a 40 or 80 unit.

actually the first question may also bear on that fact.

if you want it to work with note book it will be a 40 cell unit.

braille cell quality is an issue.

actually heard poppen mier was best in this regard.

in addition to firmness is the energy  usage of the design.
this factor mainly concerns units design to work with
notebook computers.
think  some are designed to not even need batteries to operate.
they may be able to use the power of the u s b wire for operation and hence 
get their juice from notebook.

realize such a design may drain notebook faster.

jfw support is an issue.

obviously that support should be best with their own products, the ones 
formerly maid by telesensory.

also realize that telesensory was never much for innovation, that usually 
came from alva poppen mier and others.

now that its own by f s their doing better in that regard.

also consider that human ware has worked with f s to get better suppport in 
their braille displays.

so basicly most using jfw go one of 3 routes, human ware product, alva, or 
f s product
for support reasons.

all threeoffer u s support and have u s locations.

human ware basicly looks at the entire market looking for good products 
that they feel bring new designs to consumers.

now the wish list of wanted features.

touch strips like the sattelite has,

ability to replace individual cells with out shipping the entire unit for 
found in poppen meir.

u s b connection to computer.
think alva was first to do this.

u s b connections means their are not problems with irq cconflicts. 
fighting over serial ports.
plus easier to move from computer to computer if you desire to do so.

ability to act as u s b hub for keyboard and mouse.

the ability to operate off its own power and store notes like a note taker.

the ability to input info into the note taker.

how about a braille keyboard interface for inputting input to the computer.

long battery life.

the ability to be free from standard keyboard.
this means best windows compatibility and is one factor you will need to 
spend lots of time on when looking at differant braille displays.

five cells prior to the text for extra info.

poppen mier adds extra cells in addition to those found prior to those in 
front that can be programmed for extra info for the current character.
its a vertical strip of cells.

so it could give back ground color, foreground color, and other such info.

concaved shape for reading braille in braille star.
i liked this, another may not.

more than likely after you look around you will find your self thinking you 
wished you could find a unit that incorporates several features from 
several differant units.

then you will need to make a choice.

their is also a trend that is between note taker getting more features to 
act as a braille display for desktop and also desk top braille displays now 
adding some ability to store data in the braille display it self.

good luck and happy shopping.


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