RE: Excel 2010 & Print Preview Issues

  • From: "Heather Campbell" <heather.campbell@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2011 20:28:09 -0400

HI Ron,

I'm confused. Are you just looking to read number of pages or are you
looking to read in print preview? If you are just looking to find out how
many pages your worksheet is, you can get into the print tab of the
backstage view (focus is on print button) by pressing control + P (control +
F2 still works if you used to do that) and then read the status bar with
JAWS key + page down. Press escape to get back to normal view. If you use
the list cells at page break command that someone else gave you (control
shift b), you can know where the info will split onto subsequent pages. Hope
that helps.



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While I used Excel 2003, I was always able to have full access with the JAWS
cursor to the Print Preview display and could look at the status line on the
bottom to see which page I was displaying and the total number of pages (eg
2 of 4).


Now that I am using Excel 2010, I cannot access any of the print preview
display or the page numbers.  I was told by a sighted individual that the
print preview display is in a separate window, usually at the right, but I
have not been able to navigate there at all.


Has anyone had better luck accessing the Print Preview display under Excel
in MicroSoft Office 2010?




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