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  • Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2011 23:51:56 -0800

Good point. These thing can indeed be included. I would have to rewrite much of 
what is already coded From FS. FS made for Basic funtionality and that's it. I 
honestly thought about this app when doing Rhapsody, but figured there wasn't 
enough interest. Not that I've made a decision on my own, it's really more up 
to everyone else as a whole. I certainly want more out of iTunes and I am fully 
confident in scripting this one. These are all just ideas right now. Just 
gathering information and assessing ease of scripting, time it takes, and if 
outside organizations can help is our first mission.
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  An additional suggestion, the iStore does behave similarly to a web page but 
jaws doesn't function as smoothly in that frame as it does on a "real" web 
page. If possible, it would be very useful to have a few of the jaws web 
features in the iStore, such as control-arrow navigation and placemarking.



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  Yes, the iTunes interface with entering credit card info is a pain. I 
experienced something similar when entering in info for the iTunes store to 
purchase apps for my iTouch. That interface could use some attention. It is 
much like a web application, but in a framed window. Kinda like Rhapsody's web 
interface. Fortunately we can work with that as well. Pretty much all aspects 
to iTunes is accessible for scripting.

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    I've heard although I can't remember what I've personally experienced in 
itunes when registering a product, but I hear it's doable but could be more 
accessible., I think also the itunes store needs some work and also entering 
profile info and creditcard info also needs work.

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      ITunes is a good one. I know that some of it can't be accessed easily 
without the jaws cursor. Definately an easier app to work with since they are 
Microsoft accessibility access friendly. Plus I noticed that they leave the JSS 
file open to scripters. Just in case we wanted to add to it. Give your thoughts 
on what we want iTunes to do. I definately use iTunes myself and it is a 
popular app. As far as the need, we still have to hear more input from 
everyone. Good suggestion.

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        From: Yadiel Sotomayor 

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        Subject: Re: Coding for a new jaws accessible app


        Hmmm... I would like to see scripts (free scripts if possible) for 
iTunes. I downloaded the jTunes scripts (version 5.5) and I did not like them 
at all. They did not added much to the party and there are some parts of iTunes 
that since version 10.2.1 have become completely inaccessible. E.G. the iTunes 



        Other program I would love to see a script being developed is for DVD 
fab platnum. 



        I am thinking of a couple, but I doubt there will be any interest among 
blind persons, so I won't mention them. At least for now.


        From: John Martyn 

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        Subject: Coding for a new jaws accessible app


        Hi folks,

        As my 32nd birthday approaches, I think I am going to make a habit of 
picking one new application per year to make jaws accessible. Picking Rhapsody 
was not an easy task, but it taught me many things about an application that 
seems next to impossible to make behave. I am taking off this summer from 
school and will have the time to code a new application. Rhapsody Blind was a 
test to see if I could pull it off, and it worked. I selfishly chose the first 
one, now I'm looking for the popular vote on what you might want. I probably 
won't start until this semester is over at the end of May, so this gives plenty 
of time to decide. It would be a good idea to chat among each other and find 
out what is needed or just plain want for entertainment purposes. So, let's 
open up the floor and hear some suggestions.


        John Martyn

        Yadiel J. Sotomayor


        E-MAIL: yadosotomayor@xxxxxxxxxxx

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