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  • Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 09:18:32 -0000

Hi Val,
I think this may be a solution for you. You can adjust something in your
speech and sounds manager as described, and see if that does the trick.
Bring up your jaws window,
Alt U for utilities and down arrow to configuration manager,
Alt S for set options, then press M for speech and sounds manager.
You'll now be on a combo box telling you the scheme that's in use.
tab to edit current scheme and enter.
Control tab to the control type tab.
Now press R a couple of times, and you'll hear radio, then read only.
When on the read only option, tab once and you have a choice of 4
press I for ignore, or arrow up and down until you hear it say ignore,
checkbox checked.
tab to Ok and exit all the way  out making sure you save your changes.
Hope this helps.
Cheers, Robin.

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        Could anyone help with a solution to my problem?
        I have been a JAWS user for years but since I installed V5 and
V5.1 I am constantly getting a "Read Only Edit" message when I tab or
cursor.  I have probably inadvertently checked something but, despite
tearing my hair out and driving everyone round me demented, I can't seem
to get rid of it.  Any ideas?
        Vest wishes


        Val Brown



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