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  • Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 19:47:37 -0000


Hmm, sorry, but I'm at a loss to suggest anything else re the read only bug as 
you mention. Maybe one of the experts from Techno or S 'n S can offer some 
better advice.

The 1 to 100 per cent thing you are hearing, I think, is the new feature in 
Jaws 6, which refers to progress bars. It's just telling you how the page is 
loading, and you'll find when it reaches the 100% your jaws voice will kick in 
and start reading the page?

Cheers, Robin.
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  From: Val Brown 
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  Subject: [jaws-uk] READ ONLY MESSAGE

  Message for Robin:

  Thanks for your advice re eliminating "Read only".  I followed your 
instructions but, guess what, still getting the same message.  I am using MS 
Outlook and MS Word 2000 and V6 of JAWS but the message still persists.  Any 
documents I created prior to V5 are O.K.  The "bug" or whatever seems to have 
shown its ugly head since then.  

  V6 seems to have installed fine - am getting "smooth" speech whether reading 
straightforward text or links.  I did not merge settings just in case there 
were problems.

  I downloaded SPAMfighter the other day.  Is it working correctly because when 
I trawl "Google" or "Play.Co" or any HTM pages I get a "1% - 100%" message.  I 
assume it is looking for spam, but is this correct or have I downloaded it 

  Best wishes.



  Val Brown


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