[jaws-uk] Re: Sending test messages

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  • Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 08:58:50 -0000

Hi Steve,
Just to say, you're still showing an attachment on your post, it's your
AVG certification.
Gee whizz, it must be so frustrating when people just don't listen to
you guys about test messages. I came into work this morning with over
100 jaws messages, and it's been a real pain coming across so many
stupid tests and those who can't  unsubscribe themselves. I'm amazed at
some of the kranky ones too in this the season of Goodwill!
Thanks to you all.

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        Hi Folks
        Can I please ask you to as far as possible, reframe from posting
test messages.  It's a nuisance and only clutters up peoples inboxes.
If you want to make sure your messages are getting through, ask one of
those burning questions or just say hello.  If you are receiving group
mail, then chances are you'll get out ok as well.
        Thank you for your understanding.
        Best regards.
        Steve Hyde-Dryden
        Steve Hyde-Dryden
        MSN/Hotmail  steve_dryden@xxxxxxxxxxx

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