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Message for Geoff and Robin:
Thanks guys for your suggestions - Geoff as a complete nerd, I think I will
leave well alone and will try Robin's solution tomorrow - will let you know
how I get on.
Val and Zim


Val Brown


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Hello Val,
The Word 2K files may be "read only", and my suggestion will work to solve
those files?
The OutLook emails will speak the dreaded words ifr you have just TABBED
into them to read them. You won't get the same response if you are
Forwarding or replying to them. The "Read Only" status is their default, and
to get rid of the dreaded phrase, you will have to look for the phrase in
the OutLook script files. An action I do not recommend.
Geoff and Sabin

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Hi Geoff, thanks for the information.  I am using MS Word 2000 and MS
Outlook.  The Read Only message seems only to have occurred since I
installed the upgrade - will try your suggestion - any more ideas?
Val and Zimba


Val Brown



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