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  • Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004 13:43:35 -0000

MessageAlternatively, you can press alt + enter when a file is highlighted to 
enter it's properties with no use of the JAWS cursor needed.

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  Hello Val,

  Which applications are you using, when you get the "Read Only" message?

  Are these document files? If they are, are those files "Read Only" files? You 
can check this by following the steps below:

  Open Windows Explorer.

  Find and enter the folder where you have the file[s].

  Highlight the file[s] in turn. When you have highlighted each file, Route 
Jaws to Pc and press the Right Mouse Button.

  Cursor up or down till you find the option, Properties. Hit <ENTER>.

  TAB to each check box. Oner of these will tell whether the file is "read 
Only", Checked or Unchecked. It should be unchecked.

  This is only one possibility, and may not meet your need. It will depend on 
the application, and whether the file was "Read Only" before upgrading Jaws, or 
has only occurred since the upgrading of Jaws?

  Geoff and Sabin
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    Subject: [jaws-uk] READ ONLY MESSAGE

    Could anyone help with a solution to my problem?

    I have been a JAWS user for years but since I installed V5 and V5.1 I am 
constantly getting a "Read Only Edit" message when I tab or cursor.  I have 
probably inadvertently checked something but, despite tearing my hair out and 
driving everyone round me demented, I can't seem to get rid of it.  Any ideas?

    Vest wishes



    Val Brown


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