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Hi Val,
You are not alone.  Loads of people on the NCWFSA list have also been dumped
out of that and various other lists.  You've clearly managed to establish a
fresh connection with this one however.


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  Sorry to raise this one as I know its off topic but can anyone help or
suggest a way round my problem.

  I subscribe to several Groups hosted by Yahoo.  Unfortunately lately Yahoo
(for some reason best known to themselves) keep suspending my account and
sending emails saying that messages have bounced and if I am reading this
email the problem has been solved.  Then they ask me to re-activate my Yahoo
Account.  When I click on the link they ask for a Yahoo ID, etc.  As I have
never physically registered with them (only connecting via the particular
Group's email address) i don't have this ID so consequently can't
re-activate my account.  Sending messages to them just prompts an automated
response saying basically that it is an automated response.  I have tried
emailing the moderators/managers of the various Groups, but always Yahoo
intervenes with the original message.

  If someone has a solution or suggestion, could you email me off list:

  Any help much appreciated.



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