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>> Thanks for all the comments and help on this subject, but the obvious
>> conclusion from this that it's practically impossible to find a really
>> good MP3 player for use with RISC OS, unless you can physically plug
>> it and see what happens there is no way in the world of actually
>> knowing if it will work.

>> I thought this Sony one would work but I was wrong, so I have decided
>> to give up with MP3 players on RISC OS and will use my PC for this
>> task now, shame as I like using !Musicman and !IIDTagEd, as it just
>> isn't practical anymore, i'd love to be proved wrong and be able to
>> use a new MP3 player but it doesn't look like happening.

>> Cheers
>> Matthew

> I have several that work fine with Iyonix. The most useful is one
> available from Woolworths (£14) It takes SD cards & an AAA battery -
> great for long flights.  Just change card & battery when needed. Not
> stylish,  Not much track info.

> Tesco also did one by Technika 256mb.

> Also one from Super drug in Stylish Pink! 1g mp3 with video. Lithium
> rechargeable mod AS-M41 (£14)

Is it only in pink ? I found one on their website which seemed to be 
only 256mb , 1GB one would be very good.

Believe me the last thing I want to do is have to use the PC, the RISC 
OS environment is so much better, i'll have to have a look at that 

Perhaps I don't have to give up then !




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