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  • Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2008 11:32:19 GMT

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          Matthew Thompson <mt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Thanks for all the comments and help on this subject, but the obvious
> conclusion from this that it's practically impossible to find a really
> good MP3 player for use with RISC OS, unless you can physically plug
> it and see what happens there is no way in the world of actually
> knowing if it will work.

> I thought this Sony one would work but I was wrong, so I have decided
> to give up with MP3 players on RISC OS and will use my PC for this
> task now, shame as I like using !Musicman and !IIDTagEd, as it just
> isn't practical anymore, i'd love to be proved wrong and be able to
> use a new MP3 player but it doesn't look like happening.

> Cheers
> Matthew

I have several that work fine with Iyonix. The most useful is one 
available from Woolworths (£14) It takes SD cards & an AAA battery - 
great for long flights.  Just change card & battery when needed. Not 
stylish,  Not much track info.

Tesco also did one by Technika 256mb.

Also one from Super drug in Stylish Pink! 1g mp3 with video. Lithium 
rechargeable mod AS-M41 (£14)

Don't give up.


C J Craig

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