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It's really a matter of whether you have excerised your SA rights yet or not. 
If not, why haven't you?


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I don't understand this:

ISA 2006 SA will get them an upgrade to TMG.
ISA 2004 SA will not.

ISA SA is ISA SA...  I've never seen a distinction for SA for ISA 2004 vs SA 
for ISA 2006...  If the SA is active / up-to-date, then you've got SA for the 
ISA product line.   As TMG is the next "version" of ISA, then any active ISA SA 
should get you the upgrade...  Or am I missing something?

Joe P

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TMG will release by the end of this year, which will also be about 90 days 
before it goes "GA" (Generally Available).
ISA 2006 SA will get them an upgrade to TMG.
ISA 2004 SA will not.
TMG MBE does not have SA, so who cares?

Seriously - do you really think anyone with an NDA is going to break it in a 
public forum by giving vague suggestions as to a release date other than what's 
been publicly stated?
Your nail-biting customers are in no worse position than any other ISA 
customer.  Those who have "moved on cuz we can't wait" will regret that 
decision, but hey - it's their decision to make...

Patience, (gr)asshopper - all good things in their own time. :)

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Hi All,
Now I know that those in the know are restricted by NDR's and other constraints 
but if I were to guess at there being a RC release Oct/Nov with the product 
being released to the public by Feb 2010, would it be a close guess?

Been getting a lot of pressure from clients about when is TMG going to be 
available. They are some who have moved to other products already but I still 
have some hanging on as they have SA on the product.



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