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  • From: Nicholas Blachford <nicholas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 01:13:41 +0100

DarkWyrm wrote:

This could probably be a nice niche market for Haiku, considering its
low hardware requirements, if someone had sufficient interest in writing
for the hardware.

I think it's a wide open market so has good potential.
Contrast that to the desktop where Haiku is not likely to ever be anything beyond a small 2nd league player. I don't mean that in a nasty way, but given that Linux has never even made a dent what hope has anyone else?

The only problem is that the current developers are
concentrating on the alpha 1 for x86.

I figured this would be a post alpha 1 thing
...unless someone wanted to do some particularly adventurous testing.

Someone new would probably need to
step up for work on it to begin, and I don't know the details  of
Haiku's kernel-level architecture, but I have a feeling that there'd be
more than a little work required to get it running on ARM.

The Haiku kernel was based on NewOS, how far away from it has it moved?
I ask because there's a partial ARM port in the NewOS source tree.

François Revol wrote:

Also note, the only (relatively) easy targets would be those that have
an mmu, which are quite rare on arm, at least on the low end versions.
The ARM world is very scattered in terms of features and roadmap, and
is not easy to follow though...

They do a whole range of chips but the sort of things likely to turn up in MIDs (mobile internet devices) will be the higher end "Application" processors, i.e. ARM11, Cortex A8 etc. The machines & board I mentioned are based on a TI chip that has a 600MHz + A8.

Plus I heard below ARM11 there is no cache coherency hardware support
or anything else required for SMP...
Though ARM11 allows that, which means we'll have to consider setting
B_MAX_CPU_COUNT to 1 to allow to optimize out SMP code, but OTH it will
prevent supporting SMP at all.

Heterogeneous and Asymmetric processors rule the roost in the mobile world. However supporting these will give you an advantage going forward because that's the way PCs will eventually go as well.


Nicholas Blachford
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