[openbeos] Re: haiku on a dedicated pc

  • From: "Michael Lotz" <mmlr@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2008 14:52:07 +0200

> > > So I was wondering what would be the "easiest" way to install 
> > > Haiku in
> > it's
> > > current state on a laptop that I have here but do not want to 
> > > install
> > Ubuntu
> > > (or some other linux) to build it from scratch.
> > My initial thought would be to dump the raw image to a flash drive,
> > boot the target machine from a Zeta CD, mount the image on the 
> > flash
> > disk and copy it over to the hard drive. Alternatively, you could 
> > use
> > an R5 CD and a CDR of the image. The advantage of the second method
> > would be you could also burn other software onto the CD alongside 
> > the
> > image that you wanted on the disk. My $.02. :-)
> >
> Interesting. I might check this way out before setting up a build 
> enviro. I
> just didn't want to set up a whole build environment on this machine. 
> At
> least I still have my old userbuildconfig script hanging around 
> somewhere

Well if you have a flash media and your target machine is USB bootable 
then the easiest is to just dd the image directly to the raw flash 
media and boot from that. Every default Haiku image is USB bootable. 
From there you can use DriveSetup to initialize the target partition 
and install using the Installer. What you might need is to run the 
Installer from "/bin", i.e. by using it from the Terminal and first 
doing a "cd /bin" and then "Installer". That's because our makebootable 
not being able to resolve itself when run without a real path.


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