[haiku-development] Re: I'm interested in developing a project for Haiku

  • From: scott mc <scottmc2@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 06:20:18 +0000

2009/10/29 Alexey Burshtein <aburst02@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hello,
> Since I'm not sure to whom I should address this message, I'm sending it to
> the general Haiku OS development list, in hope it will find its way to the
> relevant people :)
> The university I'm studying at requires the students to perform a real-life
> research & development project. This year, for the first time, open-source
> projects are also allowed. Since I'm an old member of the BeOS / Haiku
> community, I immediately decided to go for Haiku as the first option for the
> project, and I've convinced my partner to go for Haiku also (projects are
> performed in couples).
> The university's rules declare the project as a yearly course, to be
> submitted until 14.09.10 (but it can be completed earlier, I'd very like to
> do so), and the amount of work for each student is weighed around 300
> working hours, making it 600 hours per project (since every project is
> performed by 2 students). This is a tremendous amount of time, and I hope me
> and my partner can do something that all Haiku community will benefit from.
> The subject for the project can be anything fitting in 600 hours of design,
> planning, development and testing.
> A few words about myself: I've applied for the last year GSoC, here is the
> link to my interview
> (http://joomla.iscomputeron.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1118&Itemid=1)
> following GSoC application. In short, I have a working experience of 6.5
> years in IBM Research & Development Labs in Haifa, about 9 years of user and
> 7 years of programmer experience with BeOS / Haiku, and I'm now working for,
> well, Microsoft Israel Development Center. I also named my cats after
> BeOS flavours :) This is just to assure you that I know coding and I'm
> familiar with BeOS / Haiku way :) I'm not sure about the experience of my
> partner, but it's not her first year in the university either, thus she
> must've learned somethin g in the previous years :)
> If the Haiku OS development community is interested in my proposal, I'll
> send a document describing the academic project organization details
> thoroughly. (This document is now reviewed by the projects' coordinator).
> The project will require a mentor whose task is to define the project's
> requirements and goals and accept it in the end, but, AFAIK, this process
> was well-polished in the GSoC sessions, and you guys know what it means. The
> subject for the project is mentor's choice, and shall be discussed after the
> principal agreement is set. I personally would like to finish the Calendar /
> Organizer application proposed
> here 
> (http://socghop.appspot.com/student_proposal/show/google/gsoc2009/hitech/t123870968538),
> but this is up to the mentor, and if community decides th at these 600 hours
> would do more effect in anything else, so be it.
> Any questions or replies should be directed to me.
> Any organizational questions can be also directed to the project's
> coordinator (Haifa University staff member Hananel
> Hazan (http://cs.haifa.ac.il/~hhazan01)). He is the one who'll receive
> monthly progress reports.
> Thanks,
> Alexey Burshtein,
> Department of Computer Science, University of Haifa.
> ______________________________________________________________
> “I can think of no considerable reason why an individual shall wish to have
> a computer in his own home”.
> Kenneth Olsen, Pres. of “Digital Equipments Corp.”, 1977.

Can you refresh our minds, did you post a patch to any of the open
tickets when applying last year?  If so what is your trac username?
If not, perhaps you and your partner can read over the article on the
layout manager, and then try fixing up this ticket:
This will show us that you can set up the build environment and can do
some of the basic GUI programming that you'll run into with a
calendaring type app.
Also be sure to read over the coding guidelines:

Perhaps the other devs have some other opinions, let's wait till they
chime in for a clear path though.

Maybe you could both work on the web-kit port, not sure if that work
is at a point where the load could be shared yet or not, but it could
help move it along faster perhaps... Ryan?  Maxime?

Or a package manager?  That one would probably need to be defined and
agreed upon though before that could be a project.


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