[haiku-development] GSoC proposal

  • From: Alex W <yourpalal2@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2010 16:20:28 -0600

Hello, my name is Alex Wilson, I'm in my first year of computer sciences at
Grant Macewan university in Edmonton, Canada, although I've been programming
for a while now. I've been hanging around Haiku for a a little while and I'd
love to do GSoC with Haiku! I would like to work on the Layout API,
specifically getting it ready to be public. The sub-tasks I would like to
work on over the summer are:

*making the layout api FBC safe (5524)
*integrate Layout Archiving (5525)
*producing Doxygen documentation for the Layout API
*continuing the "Laying it All out" series of articles
*modifying Haiku's builtin applications
*and squashing bugs along the way

If I have time, I also would like to implement another Layout manager that I
think would be pretty cool, but I have a feeling modifying all the built-ins
will take up most of the time.

I have already familiarized myself fairly well with
I feel that taking the Layout API public is very important, as this will
really increase the ease of creating third party applications for Haiku.
Haiku has alot of awesome features, but when I first looked into an
application (DeskCalc, specifically) all the manual layout was very
dismaying. I think that third party apps are really important to the success
of an OS, and the easier they are to create, the better.

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