[haiku-development] About $application

  • From: "Jonas Sundström" <jonas@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2007 23:35:47 +0200 CEST

I had a look at the About windows:

A few of my thoughts:
(feel free to disagree)

- I like the app name in Bold type face.
- I like the mention of the developers/contributors.

- At least in ProcessController the bold type face used for the app 
name in the "heading" is hardcoded to a certain size, whereas the size 
of the rest of the text depends on the system font settings. It won't 
scale well, up or down.

- Some texts try to do layout with tab and newline. It doesn't work.

- Inconsistent use of © (c) copyright and "Haiku", "Haiku, Inc.", 
"Haiku Inc"

- Is the mention of copyright truly necessary? (It has a negative 
feel.) Doesn't copyright apply regardless if mentioned?

- "All rights reserved". I'm not a lawyer, but is that in conflict or 
in harmony with the MIT license? In any case, do we have to spell it 

- "Compiled on ... ", "Build", "Version", "Recompiled for Haiku" 
Does this interest our target group?

- Sentences missing initial caps, not ending in a full stop (.)

- Some show app version, others don't. App versions might be good for 
end-user support (at some point in the future), but in the name of 
simplicity I'd go for no app versions, for now. The system version 
(build rev., R1, 1.1, ..) should be enough. No?


- The application name in bold. 
  Possibly the system fontsize + something. Not hardcoded to a certain 

- No mention of version. 

- The list of people who have contributed to an applications will grow, 
possibly by lots. Trying to state the nature of a person's contribution 
in words (by, written, enhanced, updated, revised, thanks to) does not 
scale well. I suggest a simple "Contributed to by $original-author(s), 
$haiku-authors (in chronological order)." 

- No help/mini documentation in the About window

- Haiku could be mentioned like this: "Part of Haiku Release 1." (What 
about distros?) Possibly followed by "Copyright © 2007, Haiku, Inc." on 
the next line ?

- "Close" -button.  (less fun, I know, but consistent and correct)

- Escape key closes window

I apologize if I've stepped on anyone's toes. I'm throwing this out on 
the list as a mere suggestion. I don't want to make any changes that 
are not appreciated. From my point-of-view the applications are owned 
by the project, but I realize that people may have strong feelings 
about their own appplications/contributions.



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