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Are you, by any chance, accessing the server remotely?  Is there  policy
in place that denies remote admin rights?  Try blocking inheritance on the
OU to see if it a current policy that is giving you the issue.

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gptalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
>Sounds like two different issues. You will get the "Ok to reboot" message
>any time that certain client side extensions (e.g. Software Installation
>Folder Redirection) need to run a foreground processing mode in order to
>On the 2nd issue, I'm not familiar with fport, so not sure I can answer
>but I it is very possible that if your server was getting security policy
>from a different OU, that moving it to the new OU would not automatically
>undo that policy. Normally, security policy "tattoos" a machine unless you
>explicitly countermand it with a new policy.
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>Hello Everyone, I have a question that I need help with.
>I have a memberserver Win2k3 SP1, that was placed in the wrong OU and got
>Windows XP Group Policy. 
>Then it was moved to the correct OU, and recieves the member server
>Every time I run "gpupdate /force" I get the following. Certain Computer
>policies are enabled that can only run during startup.
>ok to Reboot? (Y/N)
>Every time that I refresh group policy it wants to reboot, I see 1704
>that security policy in the group policy object has been applied
>I've ran gpupdate as the local admin and as a domain admin.
>If I try to run fport on the server as either a local admin or a domain
>admin I get the following error "You must have administrator privileges to
>run fport - exiting...... 
>The local admin account is in the administrators group, and the domain
>group is in the administrators group.
>Could this be a registry tattoo from the xp policy that got applied? any
>Thanks Everyone, take care and have fun --John
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