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Sounds like two different issues. You will get the "Ok to reboot" message
any time that certain client side extensions (e.g. Software Installation or
Folder Redirection) need to run a foreground processing mode in order to

On the 2nd issue, I'm not familiar with fport, so not sure I can answer that
but I it is very possible that if your server was getting security policy
from a different OU, that moving it to the new OU would not automatically
undo that policy. Normally, security policy "tattoos" a machine unless you
explicitly countermand it with a new policy.


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Hello Everyone, I have a question that I need help with.

I have a memberserver Win2k3 SP1, that was placed in the wrong OU and got my
Windows XP Group Policy. 

Then it was moved to the correct OU, and recieves the member server policy.

Every time I run "gpupdate /force" I get the following. Certain Computer
policies are enabled that can only run during startup.
ok to Reboot? (Y/N)

Every time that I refresh group policy it wants to reboot, I see 1704 events
that security policy in the group policy object has been applied

I've ran gpupdate as the local admin and as a domain admin.

If I try to run fport on the server as either a local admin or a domain
admin I get the following error "You must have administrator privileges to
run fport - exiting...... 

The local admin account is in the administrators group, and the domain admin
group is in the administrators group.

Could this be a registry tattoo from the xp policy that got applied? any

Thanks Everyone, take care and have fun --John


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