[gptalk] Re: Restrict access to Drives (Windows 2000)

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Well if it were me....
I'd retain the original Notepad.exe and call something else.
I'd dump all computer objects in the domain(s) using ldifde or csvde and
script the copy of the new executable to each workstation, logging the
results so I could go back and get what was missed.
- Bob


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That's a very good option, thanks, but how do I replicate it to 500+
workstations then? 
Are you recommding that I change the original Notepad.exe & then copy it to
all 500+ workstations using a batch/vbscript file in Computer Startup Event?

"Bob Coffman - Info From Data Corp." <bcoffman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Are there any other viewpoints of the group?
You could try removing the save option or file menu from a copy of your
notepad.exe using Resource Hacker.


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