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Dear Leo and co peace makers of GHA.
About the first question I think I have the answer, coming from the order
given by Delfi to king of city of ilida Ifitos, in order to bring peace and
progress of the Greek cities-kindoms, via OLYMPIC competitions, not games.
When i return home tonight from the hospital I shall sent it to you. I have
mentioned this in a book of mine.

About the phsyhology of peace, i describe it via my essay i sent for the
GPS book.

Sorry i have to stop my message here, problem....

With peace and love

Στις Παρασκευή, 23 Μαΐου 2014, ο χρήστης Leo Semashko
leo.semashko@xxxxxxxxx[peace-from-harmony] <
peace-from-harmony@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> έγραψε:

> Dear Bruce,
> Many thanks for your deep thoughts and kind words of support and also for
> your editing.
> You put some very important questions that I do not have the clear answers
> now.
> The first question is how to involve the governments and leaders in the
> new peace thinking with peace classification of the population? The first
> thing that is required here - it is change in education, as we have talked
> a lot in the GHA. Second - this is understanding of the political
> importance of such thinking. Third - it's understanding of the advantages
> of the new thinking of spheres and SPHERONS. Of course, it sounds very
> abstract yet but a more specific answer I do not have now.
> The second question is the psychology of peace. This is another science,
> although it is closely linked with GPS. This requires the private
> approaches similar to Galtung, etc. Every new theory not only solves the
> old problem but also raises the new questions, which takes many time to
> answer them and test those answers. This will be our next step.
> With love, best harmony wishes,
> Leo
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> Dear members,
> Leo has asked me to share some thoughts on the first two chapters of the
> GHA's  new book, which I have edited.
> Perhaps others in the group will have a similar reaction.
> First, I believe we should state that our purpose is to create harmony in
> the world. And our individual articles in the book will suggest some ways
> in which that may be made more possible.
> With regard to the chapters themselves, I admire the intricate structuring
> Leo has devoted to his theory of Global Peace Science.  My problem lies
> with the *purpose* of the categories he describes in the complexity of
> his theory. I also admire his objectivity in presenting the theory.
> Naturally we can argue that there are various "classes" of people in every
> country of the world. And the world's census workers constantly work to
> refine these categories, especially the areas of employment, which is
> contrasted with age, sex, race, culture. Leo has created a separate
> classificatory system in which it is easier to pinpoint those in the
> world's populations who might be categorized as peacemakers. As Leo
> observes, until this peaceful mindset is adopted, the existing militaristic
> mindset is most like to prevail.
> What's missing, for me, is the jump between these classifications and the
> leadership of nations. For example, it's possible (and very likely) to have
> a nation with almost 100% of the population in agreement with a peaceful
> mindset. But, as we all know, the leaders of nations feel themselves in
> competition for power in relationship with leaders of other nations and
> tend to become obsessed with their personal charisma (like a Hollywood
> actor or singer on drugs). In that situation, despite the most favorable
> sociological classifications, peace takes second place. And our problem
> becomes how to handle these power brokers. How to persuade them to work
> with each other in productive ways. Thus, we find ourselves discussing
> conflict resolution and psychology, etc. in the school of thought founded
> by Johan Galtung. And, above all, how to persuade leaders to avoid killing
> people as a measure of a success.
> But I lack the sociological perspective that seems to cover this lapse.
> Perhaps there is some way in which classifying people in a new way will
> lead to harmony and peace. If so, I endorse the exercise. I will do my best
> to edit the book to help clarify everyone's ideas.
> Yours in pursuit of harmony and peace,
> Bruce
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