[geocentrism] Re: Two spin axes of Earth? supplemental

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If it's Russian then wow, very distant language from English, from the Balto-Slavic family with the cyrillic writing system as opposed to the Germanic, Anglo–Frisian family with Latin writing.


Neville Jones wrote:
Dear Jack,

I don't know what Allen's native language is, but certainly he (and Regner, whose native language is Danish) does a remarkable job of explaining technical concepts to us in our language.

Faced with spelling and grammatical errors, or trying to explain all this in Russian, for example, I think I'll stick to ... er, hang on, let me think about that.


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    Dear Allen,
    I have to agree with Neville:-)
    It was the drawing rather than your explanation that I grasped. I
    really do find it exceedingly difficult to follow your
    explanations. I guess you are writing in the way that you tend to

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        "As clear as mud  :-)  "  - Allen

        I think we can ALL agree on that comment.

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            I attached a all new diagram here....After you see this
            diagram, take a look and let me know if you understand my
            answer now......I did answer you question .._*NO*_ then i
            expalined why but I don’t think the answer was understood
            ......This diagram should make it clear as mud...?
            :-)...especially if you reread the first part of what I
            wrote, i have included it here in this post.....

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