[geocentrism] Re: Oscillation of Sun or Universe?

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Sun's Helix Path. Found at Wikipedia, info on Helix: 
  A helix (pl: helices), from the Greek word Ýëéêáò/Ýëéî, is a twisted shape 
like a spring, screw or a spiral (correctly termed helical) staircase. Helices 
are important in biology, as DNA is helical and many proteins have helical 
substructures, known as alpha helices.
  Helices can be either right-handed or left-handed. With the line of sight 
being the helical axis, if clockwise movement of the helix corresponds to axial 
movement away from the observer, then it is a right-handed helix. If 
counter-clockwise movement corresponds to axial movement away from the 
observer, it is a left-handed helix. Handedness (or chirality) is a property of 
the helix, not of the perspective: a right-handed helix cannot be turned or 
flipped to look like a left-handed one unless it is viewed through a mirror, 
and vice versa.
  Most hardware screws are right-handed helices. The alpha helix in biology as 
well as the A and B forms of DNA are also right-handed helices. The Z form of 
DNA is left-handed.
  The pitch of a helix is the width of one complete helix turn, measured along 
the helix axis.
  In mathematics, a helix is a curve in 3-dimensional space. The following 
three equations in rectangular coordinates define a helix:

Neville Jones <njones@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:      Philip,

Yes, this is what I am trying to get over, and the reason I am emphasizing it 
is because this is our avenue to explaining the cause of the Sun's helix path. 
This is one area where MS has a (legitimate) argument against us. They have 
Newtonian gravity, or Einstein's General Relativity, as the case may be, but we 
have ... nothing!

By restoring the aether and demonstrating paths within it, as per Allen's 
analogy with currents in the ocean, we can begin to understand cause (and 
therefore actuality) behind these movements of the heavens.



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      Not sure I follow this Neville.  Are you computing two rotations, an 
orbit that rotates around the world daily like a top that is precessing, and 
the sun traversing this orbit annually? 
  If so, isn't the result the same as we are saying, ie a spiral is drawnN-S,,, 
if the sun were to draw a track. giving the appearance and reality of a N_S 
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The motion of the heavenly bodies seem to me to be caused by a self-sustaining 
interaction between the body and the incompressible aether.

The Sun's 'real' motion is not up and down, but the traversal of an orbit which 
is set within the aether (and inclined to the celestial equator at 23.4 degs). 
The Sun therefore travels around the World each day, taking slightly longer 
than the stars due to the fact that the Sun is actually moving around its orbit 
in the opposite sense to the direction that the orbit rotates around the World. 
This fully explains why the Sun gradually rises and falls in the sky, causing 
the seasons.

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