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Dear Paul
If this were to have happened by chance I would agree that it is highly 

However if you were to view the evidence about this, you would have to rephrase 
some of your questions below. This is not a chance thing and your faith in the 
integrity of governments seems to be a tad naive. there was a time when I 
couldn't conceive that a government could possibly be duplicit in its actions 
but today I trust no governments or politicians about anything. I just have to 
keep my wits about me and my faith in God!

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  Neville J

  You are the Dictator of the World, you answer only to God.

  Your task is to arrange, with complete secrecy, the following -

  Convince a particular author to call back all previously distributed copies 
(including all un-authorised daughter copies) of his 500 page report into the 
goings-on at NASA prior to Apollo 11, ensuring that he offers a reason for so 
doing that is completely plausable and that everyone has no recollection of 
this recall, and that no office records show that this has taken place or 
transport companies retain records of having transported these copies or that 
they charged for the service;

  Get this particular author and his wife and his daughter into a car;

  Ensure that he has with him the original copy of his 500 page report into the 
goings-on at NASA prior to Apollo 11 (plus all the reclaimed previously 
distributed copies of this report);

  Have him be at a particular remote railway crossing at a particular point in 

  Have a railway train available near this crossing with a good head of steam;

  Ensure that it is travelling at, say, 100 km/h when crossing the crossing 
(adjust as circumstances necessitate);

  Ensure that the author with his wife and his daughter and his report in his 
car is attempting to cross the crossing at the same time that the train is 
crossing the crossing without being aware that the train is crossing the 
crossing (otherwise he might hesitate and you will fail this task);

  Recover from the scene of total devastation, every one of the many thousands 
of single pages and every fragment of the many thousands of pages of the report 
and retain, all without any witnesses;

  And report to the Illuminati that you have been successful.

  Are you equal to the task sir? Is the trust in which we have placed you been 


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