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My five-year-old daughter sees geocaching as time with her family, as well as 
"Treasure Hunting".  My wife enjoys it because it's time spent outside in the 
sunshine, and that helps with her severe depression disorder.  I like getting 
off the couch and away from the TV.  We're new to Missouri, so other people 
"point things out" to us via caches that we probably wouldn't ever know about 
otherwise.  And last, you know how guys love to use electrical gadgets but hate 
to ask for directions?  This way, we cover both bases at the same time.

Add Cache-In-Trash-Out and you're set.

A couple of years ago, there was a small boy in Utah who wandered away from the 
truck in an effort to find his deer-hunting dad.  The story didn't end well 
(the boy wore out the soles of his foot-jammies and froze to death in the snow 
two miles away from where he'd started), but Search & Rescue contacted the 
local Geocaching group in an effort to get GPS grids set up by people who knew 
how to use their equipment.  Every square meter in a three-mile radius was 
searched and accounted for.  That's a body of knowledge that would be welcome 
in any community, I'd think.


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>I like Drei's idea, and would add to it by listing a few sentences about many 
>of our members to emphasize the diversity of our group. For instance:
>Jen uses Geocaching as part of her homeschooling program.
>Judy mentioned to me that she was instructed to walk more as part of her knee 
>rehabilitation, so she's Geocaching as physical therapy. 
>You can mention Chris as a teen who sets up his own caches.
>There's also Molly the Geocaching dog, Jim the "tree hugger" (hey! someone 
>else said it first!), etc. 

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