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Linda found a froggy TB in a cache in California.  We ended up taking that TB 
to Disneyland with us to take some pictures, and to the St Louis Zoo to get 
pictures with the penguins.  Very sad day when we tucked her in at the Lewis 
and Clark Boathouse Cache.  Many, many tears.  We've followed her progress and 
Linda still likes to check on what she's been up to.

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>I have to echo some of the comments regarding quality family time.  This has
>brought our family closer together as we spend time caching.  The kids love
>it.  Mark (GeoDudeGPS), who is 9, demanded his own screen name so he can
>start logging caches.  He's as crazy about it as any of us.  This has become
>our "Family Time" activity, because everyone likes it so much.  There is no
>arguing, "I don't want to go"  If they get tired, I tell them that there
>might be a Travel Bug in the cache and off we go for another.  We took "TS
>Woody TB" on our family vacation to WY and had a ball.  The kids still go to
>the page an look at the pics and well as his further travels.

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