[GeoStL] Re: NPS RE: Dan's 50th??

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Actually, there's nothing to lose, if he loses, we still couldn't geocache
in areas that we can't presently. I say go for it if he refuses contact.
However, I'd "telemarket" until you can get through directly to him through
the phone. If you feel this is going nowhere, and suing isn't going to help,
back off so we all can geocache. (used as a verb) Just curious, what would
you sue for? Money? Fame? Geocaching on NPS lands?


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> -
> That's it! Sue, sue, sue!!
> On Sunday, June 22, 2003, at 10:47 PM, Jim Bensman wrote:
> > -
> > Funny how you mentioned the problem with the National Park Service.
> > Just
> > today I wrote the Superintendent of the Ozark National Scenic Riverway
> > who
> > still has not answered my November 19, 2002, letter on their refusal to
> > allow geocaching anywhere.  It is getting really irritating that they
> > are
> > not allowing this and letting other recreational uses that are actually
> > causing problems.  I told them if they don't answer my letter and start
> > complying with the laws and Constitution, I was going to sue them.
> > And I
> > will.  They have me mad enough to do it.  There is a $150 filing fee
> > and I
> > am 7-0 in lawsuits I filed against the U.S. Government without an
> > attorney.
> > So stay tuned.

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