[GeoStL] Re: Illinois Closing selected State Parks and Historical Sites

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And you ACTUALLY believe what a politician says ...give me a break they are ALL 
deceivers and only tell you what you want to hear ..then when they are elected 
they do what they want and to HELL with all of you.
I say shoot them all and start over with something other then lawyers 

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Strider is correct.  And for the record, Obama has a perfect pro park voting 
record while in the IL Senate and the US Senate.  (from his website) He will 
reverse the Bushʼs funding cuts to our federal parks-Additionally part of the 
problem in IL is funding and as you will see he supports increasing the Land & 
Water Conservation Fund which helps with this precise issue:
Barack Obama and Joe Biden believe that we have a responsibility to our 
children to leave this Earth better than
we found it. All Americans have an interest in the protection and proper 
maintenance of our irreplaceable
national treasures. Conservation is also vitally important to providing clean 
drinking water, cleaning our air and
reducing greenhouse gas pollution. Barack Obama and Joe Biden believe we need a 
new vision for
conservation that both protects our existing publicly-owned lands while 
dramatically expanding investments in
protecting and restoring forests, grasslands, and wetlands across America for 
generations to come.
Protect National Parks and Forests: For too long, America ʼs National Parks and 
Forests have been
threatened by lax protection. Barack Obama fought efforts to drill in the 
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
Obama supports the Roadless Area Conservation Rule, which keeps over 58 million 
acres of national forests
pristine. As president, he and Joe Biden will repair the damage done to our 
national parks by inadequate
funding and emphasize the protection and restoration of our National Forests.
Barack Obama is also an original cosponsor of the Combat Illegal Logging Act, 
which would prohibit the
importation of illegally harvested wood products. This would make foreign 
companies much less likely to
engage in massive, illegal deforestation in other countries. Saving these 
endangered forests preserves a major
source of carbon sequestration.
Conserve New Lands: Barack Obama is a strong supporter of increased funding for 
the Land and Water
Conservation Fund, which supports land acquisition and maintenance of parks. As 
a state senator, he supported
the creation of the Illinois Open Land Trust Act, which allowed the state to 
buy property from willing sellers for
conservation and recreation purposes and make grants and loans to local 
governments for acquiring land for
open spaces.
While Americans can take great pride in our National Parks and other public 
lands, there are many landscapes
and ecosystems which do not have adequate protection. As president, Barack 
Obama will lead efforts to
acquire and conserve new parks and public lands, focusing on ecosystems such as 
the Great Plains and Eastern
forests which do not yet have the protection they deserve.

Jim Bensman
"Nature Bats Last"

Go Obama! 

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Obama didn't have anything to do with the park closings.

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If Obama get in office, will he close the US like the parks in his home state?

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Personally, I hope they close all the parks.  Until people in this state get 
mad enough at the way things are handled, in Springfield and nationally,  to 
elect responsible representatives at all levels, we get the type of government 
we deserve.  That goes for the country in general.
And "NO", I don't want the parks closed.  I want elected officials, at all 
levels, that will look at the greater good in what they do and not spending 
their life trying to get reelected
We need more 'Statesmen' and less politicians.


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Jim Greene


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