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Bernie and all

I am normally a ?lurker? looking to learn as I have only been Geocaching for
a bit over a year and only have about 120 to my credit, so I?m not an expert
on cache placement or damage from caching.  I have seen some areas that have
been altered by Geocaching, geotrails come to mind, but as a hunter, animal
trails tend to be only less damaging.  I?m sure there are those among us
that have little respect for the land and locales where we are permitted to
cache, but, my overall perception is that the vast majority appreciate the
freedom and flexibility that we have and act accordingly, wherever we can
place a cache.  We can also be self-policing in this.  Much as we have seen
in this thread regarding ?Monday morning quarterbacking?, we should also be
directly correcting our compatriots ON THE SPOT, if we see something that is
not right in the field.

My wife is a genealogy buff and we have visited many a cemetery to collect
ancestral information, take marker rubbings, and, in my case, this is where
I go to visit most of my immediate family and some old friends, when I am
back home.  Live people visit dead people in cemeteries.  It?s not a bad
thing.  In some areas, such as Savannah, GA, cemeteries are a major theme in
caching, just don?t plan to cache after 5:00 PM, as they lock the gates.
In fact, I am looking into placing a cache at a local (Lincoln County)
cemetery due to its history and location, and because we need to remember
these often ordinary folks who were much like ourselves, and often have no
direct descendants today.

Damage due to our pastime is never a desired result, but some will occur.
Just as in the case of CITO, we should all be alert for damage that MAY have
been the result of Geocaching, fix it if we can and report it to the
responsible parties, if we can?t.  The damage at this particular cache can?t
be directly attributed to Geocaching, especially the way the cache notes are
written, but I would have tended to pick up rocks that looked as if they
should have been part of wall, replaced them and just reported my find, with
no more than a note that I cleaned up around the area.  The Boy Scouts have
long had the credo to leave the area better than we found it, and that?s not
a bad position for responsible cachers to have, which is already reflected
in CITO, and can easily be expanded to include site cleanup.  Savannah, GA
just recently had a site-specific CITO that was to open up a historic area
by more than trash cleanup, but would include overgrowth/undergrowth

Maybe it can all be boiled down to the Golden Rule, Do unto others?


Known among cachers as Arthur TOAFK

Wayne Lindberg

"Semi" Retired

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  Dan, it just goes to show you that there are two sides to every story.
Obviously most people didn't agree with me on my cemetery opinion. But, that
is OK. I just stated what 'I' felt. I did notice that not hardly a comment
was made on the damaging of old walls and foundations. Does that mean that
people agree on that point?  Bernie.

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