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> Hi Moonz,
> > > Keep it polite and on topic and you can't go wrong, on that count you
> > > are doing fine :)
> > oh Andy....I can see you are making assumptons right off...strike me
> > your list, please...it that polite enough for ya?
> Am I missing something?  It sounds like you're offended somehow ... buy
> was complimenting you.  What assumptions do you mean?
> Or am I just being daft because it's after midnight here?
I don't know Gwyd...is that little reminder about being polite and on-topic
part of an FAQ for this discussion list?...did he send the same reminder to
you?..I didn't notice that....maybe it is the difference in cultures, and
I'm feeling singled out when that is not really what he ment to do?

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