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> > >
> > > I found out how to do it in Cube but I can't quite see how it is done
> > > Cakewalk...where is the selection to import a wave?
> >
> > In Logic, you can just drag the wave file from the windows explorer to
> > the desired part of the arrange window.  Groove construction from a load
> > of wave files is quick and easy using this method.
> I'm trying to get into Cakewalk SONAR ... it handles *.wav loops just like
> ACID (which is awesome). In fact, if you're looking just for a better way
> arrange loops than the Fruity Sequencer, you could do worse than using
> I sometimes render all the individual fruity patterns as wave files, and
> them out in Acid.

check it out...a Sonar tutorial

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