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  • From: Andrew Ebling <aebling@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: 06 Feb 2002 12:36:20 +0000

Hi moonz,

> I just discovered fruityloops recently so I really haven't actually created 
> anything 
> lenghty with it yet, but I hope to.

Keep us posted!

> I'm using an M-Audio Delta 1010 for my digital audio, on a Pentium III 800.

I've heard good things about this card.  How does it perform with
fruityloops?  How small can you make the playback buffer before getting

> I think I'll be using fruity mostly to create drum loops, 

I think it is a shame that beatslicer is not included in the standard
package.  I didn't really get addicted to fruityloops until I had
experimented with it... wow, what a powerful tool!  It is so easy to
come up with original sounding loops, almost by accident.

> and maybe some apreggio loops,

I like the arpegiator, but I wish it could use patterns.  Apparently
this might appear in the next release or so.  Hope so.

> to fit in with my midi sequences when I construct songs.

At the moment I kind of torn between my MIDI sequencer (Emagic
Micrologic AV) and fruityloops.  The audio support is much better in
fruityloops, but MIDI support is much better in Logic.

> here's hoping someone or everyone on this list knows more than I do about 
> fruity loops, because I don't know zilch about it, as of now.

Well I know about as much as you can learn from the manual plus a bit of
messing around.  I'm sure it won't be long before some more experienced
users show up.

> I'm also not familiar with discussion lists so bare with me if I don't seem 
> to know what I'm doing....it's because I don't!

Keep it polite and on topic and you can't go wrong, on that count you
are doing fine :)
best regards,


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