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> > > I sometimes render all the individual fruity patterns as wave files,
> > >lay
> > > them out in Acid.
> > >
> > so you use fruity to create the loops and then Acid to arrange the loop
> > sequences?
> Has anyone tried the imageline equivalent for arranging loops?

I haven't heard of that one...what software company ?

> I haven't had reason to venture outside fruityloops as yet, but I can
> see that I am going to start hitting limitations fairly soon.  When that
> happens I'll probably use Micrologic to arrange the wav files unless the
> imageline equivalent has significant advantages.
> Has anyone used cool edit pro for this sort of thing?  The demo I tried
> of it some years ago was pretty impressive, but it seemed rather
> expensive at the time, even as an upgrade from cool edit96 which I
> already own.

I've got CooEdit 2000, and a couple of plugins...a plugin that adds
a 4-track mixing studio to CoolEdit, and an audio cleanup plugin that is
supposed to get rid of unwanted pops and hisses...never tried em...the
releases are again, old, though...1999.

I installed the old Sound Diver release  I have and it didn't have either
of my synths listed...you can have it scan the midi ports for what is
or you can select from a list...my synths were not on the list...I had it
scan the
ports anyway...it came back calling everything it ran into a synth...even
the midi
interface itself....heheh...I hope Sound Diver 3 works a little better than

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