RE: RPC over HTTPS and Outlook 2003

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Greetings Mustafa,

The configuration in outlook 2003 will use different connections, depending
where you are.

Let's say, you on the LAN, which mean you are connected/logged on to the
domain etc. Outlooks will rely on RPC.

When you are on the internet, let's say from a CyberCafe or home, then you
are not logged on the domain, hence outlook uses the alternate way of
connecting to exchange 2003, in this case would be RPC-Http



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Hi Raj,

To your previous question:
No, I cannot any certificate related information message, if I try to create
an RPC over HTTP profile. Outlook tries to connect over RPC port (NOT
through RPC over HTTP) to connect to Exchange.

To your last message:
Is it really true that RPC over HTTP profile can only be created? 

I'm disagree with you that this is a security advantage. In this case, the
person who works in home office or in another company and wants to have a
RPC over HTTP profile, must bring his/her computer to my LAN to have an RPC
over HTTP profile!!! What a wonderful design of Microsoft!!!
That is really unbelievable. 
I think, Steve has right that RPC over HTTP needs still port 135 to connect
Exchange.  If yes, this profile should be called RPC over H(alf)TTP.

I didn't read in any Microsoft documents about it. It seems that Microsoft
doesn't publish this "open secret"?! Or dou you know any official Microsoft
document about it?

Best Regards

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