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> Anyone know how fast ESEUTIL /d operates at?
> Reading various sources on the Internet, some say 2GB / Hour 
> and some others up
> +to 10GB / Hour, now these rates make a big differance!!
> We are running quite a hefty box, 2x550 mhz PII, 512mb RAM, 
> U/W RAID Card, but
> +the ISPRIV we have inherited is currently @ 80GB, and the 
> other issue is as
> +usual there are no resources to test the speed or how much 
> space will actually
> +be reclaimed by the process.

The Event Log records the results of the overnight defragmentation (which is
part of the built in overnight maintenance) and this includes a figure for
how much free space is in the store. Presumably this is how much eseutil /d
would shrink the file(s) on disk by.

I have found that even though the .edb may not shrink by much, the .stm file
usually shrinks quite dramatically.

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