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We recently did an ESEUTIL /d on a 16Gb store.  It took around 5 hours.

This is on a P3-Xeon with a U160 RAID 5 set (single set for both database
and system) and 1gb ram.  Disk activity was very high, so I presume the raid
set was the bottleneck.

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Hello Enrico:

I recently performed the operation on a 170 GB datastore that took approx 16
hours.  That is roughly 10.5 GB per hour.  Often though, I have seen it work
in the 6 - 8 GB / hr range.  One thing that you will have to consider as
your IS gets above the 96 GB range, is that NT 4.0 does not have the ability
to copy the file back to the original location (if you use a temp drive)...
In that case, we had to use esefile to move the datastore back to its

Obviously the performance will be dependent upon the amount of fragmentation
in the Data store, but we recovered about 30 gb of white space so logically,
our IS was somewhere in the 18% fragmented range...

I hope this helps.


Joe Martin

On Thu, 29 August 2002, Enrico Gasparini wrote:

> <a
> Hi,
> Anyone know how fast ESEUTIL /d operates at?
> Reading various sources on the Internet, some say 2GB / Hour and some 
> others up
> +to 10GB / Hour, now these rates make a big differance!!
> We are running quite a hefty box, 2x550 mhz PII, 512mb RAM, U/W RAID 
> Card, but
> +the ISPRIV we have inherited is currently @ 80GB, and the other issue 
> +is as usual there are no resources to test the speed or how much 
> +space will actually be reclaimed by the process.
> Any advice/comments appreciated.
> --
> Enrico
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