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Sorry, I meant to say "isn't recommended" rather than "isn't supported"
below.  It's time to go home here now.  :-) 

Neil Hobson

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Yes, it's true that ESEUTIL will reduce the size of your database if you
use it in offline defrag mode (the /d switch).

But ask yourself why you want to reduce the size of the database. 
Exchange will reuse the whitespace contained in the database, and once
this has been reused, the physical size of the database will expand
 If you reduce the size of the database, it will only grow again in the

The biggest risk with ESEUTIL is when you run it in repair mode (the /p
switch).  Basically, when the repair function finds errors, it deletes
the entire page that the error is in, which means that users will lose
some data.  That's not always that much data, but if your CEO opens a
message and the attachment is then missing...  :-)

That's one of the reasons that using ESEUTIL /p on a database that is
then put back into production isn't supported.

ESEUTIL is a valid, and useful, tool.  But don't run it for the sake of
running it.

Neil Hobson

> Hey all,
> I want to reduce the size of my e2k databases, and ive heard eseutil 
> will defrag and free up clear space in the databases.
> Whats the deal with this tool as ive heard people say it can corrupt 
> the db and all sorts of nightmare stories.
> Ive read the MS articles regarding this, but they arent particularly 
> useful or descriptive.
> I know this subject has come up time and again, so I apologize for 
> going over old subjects.
> Cheers
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