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On Monday the 18th of December we will be holding the first of a series of 
talks on Janusz Korczak. Participants of all three sessions planned for this 
year will receive 14 hours (likrat) gmul.

The first session will be held at the Ministry of Education building in Tel 
Aviv, Rechov Hashlosha 2, Yad Eliyahu (bus 33 from central bus station), on 
the second floor.

9:30    Registration
10:00  Janusz Korczak
11:00  tea-break
11:15  "Korczak of the Children" (a documentary film)
11:45  Meeting with Yitschak Belfer (star of the documentary; graduate of 
the orphanage - one of the
          very few still able to share his memories of living under the 
guiding hands of Korczak and Steffa.
         Yitschak will not give a talk. He will answer any and all questions 
to give us the full picture.

Two booklets will be on sale at a highly reduced price 10 shekel each. There 
is no charge for participation.

looking forward to welcoming you.

Marsha and Avi

There seems to be two kinds of existence.
One serious and respectable
the other indulgently tolerated and somehow less valuable.
We use expressions like ?Man of the future?
Implying by this that the child ?will be.?
Children make up a large proportion of humanity,
Of the population of the nation
They are our constant companions
They are here now
They always have been and they always will be.

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